SWEP Exchange_Nr2_2021

The ideal heating solution at a college campus

our academic wings of a mid- sized, urban community F college in the northeast USA, covering approx. 650 000 m² (700,000 square feet) needed to replace their existing high temp/high pressure boiler plant that had provided heating to the facility for over 30 years and SWEP BPHEs (brazed plate heat exchangers) were the perfect heat transfer source for the new low temp/low pressure system that was desired. This application was for commercial heating of the campus. In addition to the Central Plant, the BPHEs installed on this job are required to heat multiple buildings on campus. SWEP’s dealer Mechanical Marketing knew that SWEP BPHEs would be an advantageous solution for this project and were an integral part in working with us to help educate all involved parties to ensure our exchangers fit the spec. One of the main reasons that SWEP BPHEs were chosen was because of the ability to provide a -16°C (2°F) cross over temperature between the boiler temperature and the heating

Tight space requirements paired with a need for a very close cross over temperature between the boiler and water temperatures led to SWEP BPHEs being the ideal heating solution chosen over competing technologies.


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