SWEP Sustainability Report 2020


3 4 SWEP’s dedication to sustainability 5 The Dover Corporation 6 Sustainable performance in 2020 7 Local efforts, global impact/UN Sustainable Development Goals 8 Dealing with unprecedented events 10 Creating and maintaining a great workplace 12 Helping each other succeed in tough times 14 Our commitment to an ethical, sustainable supply chain 16 On our way … with more to come 17 Breaking down our carbon footprint 18 Less waste, higher productivity 19 Risk management and sustainability 20 Sustainable customer relations/Our commitment to integrity 21 Holding ourselves to high standards 22 Making sustainability possible 23 The value of being a good neighbor A note from our President

Turning disruption into progress

2020 will live long in our collective memory. It’s been a tough year of course, but at SWEP it’s also been a year of reflection and progress.

Throughout the world, people have had to devise new ways of working. This has given us at SWEP an opportunity to think about what it means to work sustainably, and to put in place ways of working that make a lasting positive impact on the planet. Protection is at the core of this. As this report shows, we’ve acted decisively to protect the wellbeing of our employees and our communities, while working sustainably to create products that leave a smaller carbon footprint and promote renewable energy. It’s progress, for both SWEP and the planet. Let’s keep going.

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