SWEP Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainable performance in 2020

During an extraordinary year, SWEP has continued to fight for sustainability on multiple fronts. Here are some the achievements we’re most proud of.

Scrap reduction

Comprehensive response to COVID-19

We've signifcantly reduced scrap, including a 24% reduction in our Kosice plant.

Our multi-level task force mobilized quickly to protect our staff and their families.

Cutting emissions from freight

Our carbon footprint reduced

The downward trend in our carbon footprint continued – we cut CO e emissions by 2 12% in absolute terms.

In 2020 we exceeded our target, and reduced our freight emissions per unit of production by 17%.

Fighting corruption

Promoting gender equality

We’ve rolled out mandatory training and compliance agreements for third party agents and distributors to ensure ethical behavior.

New auditing procedures, recruitment initiatives and diversity workshops as part of our drive for gender equality.



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